Ex Nihilo Nihil Fit - From nothing, comes nothing.

Event Planning


Our event planning services start with taking the time to understand what you really want. 

We will connect you with the right vendors, and together we will plan an event to remember.

A no-nonsense approach to planning events, we work off your goals and inspiration first, and offer solutions second. 

Our job is never to tell you what to do, but offer logistics, facts, and make you aware of all of the information so you can make the most informed decisions. 

Partnering with our consulting efforts to ensure your event achieves the impact you desire, and providing feedback on content where needed.

Event Management


 All events have impact. 

Planning an event is only part of the process. Our staff will make sure that everything goes smoothly with your event. 

Managing venue and vendor relations on-site, so you can focus on being in the moment. 

We know how to anticipate problems before they happen, leaving you free to enjoy your festivities.  

Your event matters. It's kind of a big deal to us.



Are you looking to rebrand or redefine your company's image or impact? 

Perhaps your management is not in tune with operational concerns or barriers, or your front line staff has a quick turnover rate. 

Training your sales team is an investment that can take an average of up to six months. What if we told you we could cut your typical training periods in half? 

Our confidential consultant services will give your organization the edge over the industry pack. We improve efficiency, culture, impact, and results. 

Whether your organization is a start up, or an established leader, we work to make you look good.

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Consulting Services

Premium and confidential services to protect your image, improve employee output and efficiencies, or to rebuild a new branding strategy.

Contact for a consultation. 

We operate under non-competes while working together, and do not provide solutions to your defined competitors. 

Subject to availability. Not every company that applies will receive a call back.

Your all-in-one solution to training, growing pains mediation, public relations, and marketing.